After winning the last war over Nukunonu and Atafu, Fakaofo became widely known as the chiefly island of Tokelau. As part of the punishment Nukunonu and Atafu would bring gifts to Tui Tokelau. The God stature that stood 18 feet high. A replica, on a smaller scale, stands in the meeting house (Fakafotu) today.

The gifts brought to Tui Tokelau included woven mats, pearls, cultural wear, food, vegetation, an abundance of raw materials to make handicrafts.

People were afraid and respected the authority on Fakaofo, and the children also respected their parents. The highest authority was the chiefs who control and made the laws of the land.

Rules were respected and the community was all united under the highest authority. No one dare to whisper or undermine the authority or they would be punished by death (buried alive under a rock).

All these changed when the missionaries started arriving Tokelau and introduced Christianity.